Time to give up? How taking a break can help your craft business grow

You should probably just give up....

Did that statement surprise you? If it did I bet its only because your hearing it from someone else, when you're so used to saying it to yourself.

I see this everyday....



You know what?

Giving up is exactly what you should do, because whatever it is your doing isn't working.

Without realising it, you have "Crafters Block".




If what you're currently doing is not matching up with what you want from your craft business then you need to make a change, and that will require a break. 

Don't worry I'm not suggesting you burn all your yarn and feed your decopatch papers to the dog. But to make any significant change you need to draw a line under how you were running your business and concentrate on how you are going to run it in the future.

You may have had this break already, just in the time it takes to read this article.

To crate a successful business you need to have GOALS.

If you really know what you want from your crafting business then read on. If your not 100% sure of your crafting goals, head over to this article for some ideas and inspiration.

Right so you know what your goals are? Great!

Its time to refocus on those goals and do what needs doing to achieve them. 

Our blog is FULL of articles CRAMMED with advice on helping you to achieve success from your business. So whether your goal is to increase Facebook reach, Etsy sales or customer satisfaction, we will be here every step of the way to help you.

Its OK to take a break, we've got your back.

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