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We love a collaboration! 

Are you a craft business? Did you know that working with Today we Craft can help your products get seen by tens of thousands of new customers?

Our videos are a fantastic way to showcase your products in detail. Product review videos provide a great way to engage your target audience and attract prospective customers.




Some of the video services we offer;

Product placement

Product placement occurs when we integrate a product directly into our standard tutorial videos. We demonstrate your product and show our audience how it can be used with the greatest effect. We will link to all of the products used within the video description.

Product placements are the most natural form of YouTube marketing, and we've found these to be the most effective videos to attract new customers for your brand. 

Product reviews and feedback

Product reviews take many forms on our channel. One of the most recognisable review formats is unboxing videos. In these videos, we will open a package of products from a brand to examine the contents, providing real-time feedback throughout the video.

We will also use a product over time, filming the results to give the audience insight into how well a product works.

Review videos are ideal for introducing a new product because they give the audience a comprehensive summary of your product’s pros and cons.

Product promotion

These are similar to traditional advertisements. We can use a script to promote a product, service or event to our audience, which may be delivered within the video itself or a standard ad read at the end of the video.

You can also sponsor our videos,  “this video is brought to you by Brand X.” 


"What if you don't like our product?"

Integrity is at the forefront of our creative process. If we don't love your product, we won't tell our audience that we do. Equally, we're not about to slander you across the internet. We don't accept collaborations from just anyone, so if we want to work with you it's already a sign that we think you're awesome. If however the situation occurs that things don't work out, we will simply return the product to you minus costs. 

"How much does YouTube marketing cost?"

This depends on the type of service and the nature of the product. Typically services start from £49 which is a fraction of the cost of print or social media marketing. Contact us to discuss options in more detail HERE.