Crafters Block - How to recognise it , and get out of it!


I have just watched an extremely interesting documentary about Tony Robins. No not the man with the "cunning plan" that can be found in holes in the ground, That's Tony Robinson.


This Tony Robins is an inspirational speaker and life coach.


The programme followed a week long series of seminars and workshops, that people had paid a vast sum of money to attend so that they may discover more about themselves.

As you can imagine there was a lot of crying and hugging.


But it did raise an interesting question for me.


Why do I craft?


I specifically use the word "craft" here as I have no artistic talent what so ever. I cannot paint, or draw, or sculpt but I can make stuff.


Instinctively I say to myself "because I enjoy it", but that's it.


Recently I hadn't enjoyed craft as much as I used to.


I had an amazing craft room, stocked with every conceivable piece of crafting equipment and material that I could ever need (a resource that I know many would kill for). And yet I found myself sitting by myself staring at the table in front of me without a creative thought in my head. I had lost my mojo.


I had the dreaded......



"That's it" I thought "I may as well sell everything and take up Sudoku".


Anyway I know I would never get for it what its worth.

New plan!

Re-discover a love for crafting (and get my mojo back)

So why do I craft?

This seemed to fall into 2 categories, so I made a list;



One I realised what the true reasons were behind why I craft, I was able to made a conscious effort to satisfy those desires.


Life skills, Comradery, Acceptance


I will develop these by joining a local craft group thereby learn new skills and develop meaningful friendships with those who share my interest for craft.


Stress Relief

Devote at least 15mins every evening after work to a creative activity.


Income, security, self worth

Continue to sell on Etsy and Facebook.


Why not try this out next time that you feel like your loosing interest in a hobby that you love so much. If your stuck for ideas on how to satisfy your creative needs then why don't you put them up on our Facebook page for some feedback?


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