Unicorn Embroidery Hoop Kit

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You should always be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn.

If you can't be a unicorn then you can sew one instead!

Your embroidery hoop kit comes with all the materials required to create this fantastic embroidery unicorn. There is only 1 stitch type required so it's super easy to do. Don't worry we give you detailed instructions on how to do it. 

Contents include;

Sustainable bamboo embroidery hoop.

Pre-printed fabric (no need for tracing).

Embroidery floss


Easy to follow step by step instructions (plus a video tutorial if you get stuck!)

As if that doesn't sound amaze-balls enough, your kit also contains access to LOADS of other embroidery patterns to download, absolutely FREE! 

So why not grab the unicorn by the, er, HORN?! And create something great today!