Doughtys Fabrics


Doughty's Online stands as one of the premier online quilting fabric retailers in the country. Their passion for their craft is evident, and they are dedicated to curating one of the most extensive selections of patchwork and quilting fabric available throughout the UK. The aim is simple: provide customers with precisely what they seek and more!

About Doughty's

With a wealth of experience, Doughty's has been a longstanding provider of high-quality, affordable fabrics. Over the years, they have garnered a loyal customer base and expanded their reach, now operating three shops in the Hereford area, including their main warehouse, recognized as the largest stockist of quilting fabric in the UK.

Complementing their stationary presence, Doughty's takes its show on the road with the renowned Doughty's Roadshow. Traveling across the UK, they participate in various markets and special events, showcasing an extensive array of fabrics and other products. If you wish to bring Doughty's to your local area during their roadshow, don't hesitate to reach out – they're open to discussing your ideas. The upcoming schedule for the year can be found in their Roadshow Diary.

In addition to their physical locations and roadshow, Doughty's Online serves as a virtual haven for fabric enthusiasts. Boasting an expansive collection of fantastic fabrics at affordable prices, value for money is a priority. Their regular sale section offers even greater bargains on seasonal items and more. Stay updated on the latest news and discounts by signing up for their newsletter directly to your inbox!

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