How to make & Sew a Christmas Tree Skirt



How to download the template;

1. Right click on the images below and click "save to desktop"

2. open us a word processor and insert the images.

3. enlarge the images as big as you can. The centre point along the entire length of the 2-piece triangle template should be 19"

The diameter of the circle template should be 5"

4. Print off the templates and fix the 2 triangle templates together until the "V" in the middle forms an "x"



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  • Thank you for everything. I sure hope Mum is proud because I would be.

    Mary Comeau
  • Love this, glad i got to see yor tuitioral. Enjoyed listening to your chirpy voice too. Merry Christmas! Im sure youve made your mama proud!🤗🥰🎅🧚‍♀️


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