That's a Wrap! - Protecting your crafts in transit

We all work hard on our crafts. It is unfortunate therefore that so often the postal and courier services that we are so dependant on, fail to handle their precious cargo with the care and respect that it deserves.

A dispatches documentary that was released just before Christmas 2016, highlighted the poor quality of service that was being provided. Often these postal services failed to deliver goods altogether.

Royal Mail alone processes over 1.2 billion parcels each year, so it's not surprising that the odd item goes missing. There are however ways that you can minimise the chances of your items going awry in the mail.

Use a reputable company

Un-registered and potentially unreliable postal companies are popping up everywhere. Some are legitimate small scale couriers that can provide a very competitive service especially in localised areas. Often however these are the "cowboys" of the courier world. Unfortunately, these cowboys are sometimes contracted as a third party by disreputable delivery companies to pick up the slack at busy times. 

Opt-in for insurance

Some couriers will cover your packages up to a certain amount. If your item is worth more, get the extra insurance. You only need 1 package to go missing in a year to make it worth your while, and you will kick yourself if you don't. 

ALWAYS use a return address INSIDE and OUT

Are you making one off pieces that no amount of money could ever replace? Memory bears for example? Adding a return address inside as well as outside your package may be the only way of ever seeing it again.

Cushion well

Wrap that item up to within an inch of its life! If in doubt, add more bubble wrap.

Secure any loose edges


Loose edges and corners can get stuck in machinery at the sorting sorting depot. This can cause ripped packages and unhappy customers.
Invest using sturdy and secure packing boxes. You can add this into your P&P costs. Not only does it make your item more secure, but much easier to wrap too. Secure every seam with wrapping tape. If you can't unwrap it 1 handed, then you're good to go. 

Use a "signature service"

Unfortunately an undelivered item may not be the fault of the courier but the person receiving it the other end. A mis-delivered package or a dishonest receiver could claim that a package never arrived. Using a service that requires a signature gives you that extra layer of protection.

Say a Prayer

In the end unless you're planning on hand delivering every single Item yourself, you have to trust in the postal gods. If you do everything in your power to ensure that your package arrives safely then its unlikely that anything will go wrong. But even if it does, you are still protected.

Got any courier horror stories you would like to share? Or perhaps you have any tips that you use to protect your makes?

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