Improve the effectiveness of your boosted posts on Facebook with audience awareness

This is an article for all those of you who would like to use the Facebook "boost" feature.

If you are struggling with your post reach and haven't yet tried my suggestions on how to extend it without paying, then I would suggest you click on the image below to be taken to the relevant article.



If you have tried these methods already and you are looking to use your marketing budget more efficiently then the are ways of making your money go further.


The first thing to remember is that Facebook does not like text in boosted posts. This is because the algorithms that Facebook use to decide what content is shown to whom finds it difficult to distinguish between the topic of the text with that of the image/video. The most effective boosted content is either a picture or a short video. If you need text to appear, just ensure its embedded in the image or video. 


Like this;



Not this;


Ok? Got it? Right lets move on.


When boosting a post you can be very specific as to who you actually want to see it. There's no point marketing your page to men in their 20's when all your customers are women in their 40's


I will (once i get round to it) write an article about identifying your audience. Subscribe to this blog to be notified as soon as it's available. 


Once you know who your audience is you can use the appropriate feature on the boost window. 


Step 1


Click "create new audience"



Step 2




Step 3


Define your audience by interest. These are the things that people were prompted to list as interests when they first created their profile. 

Note, if you requested that someone must have one of the listed interests and they don't have any of them, then they probably won't see the ad.




This will refine your post audience ensuring that only your ideal customer is targeted. 


So give it a go. Try starting with a very broad audience and then quite a restricted one, see what difference it makes to your page views and sales.

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