Top 10 Super Geeky Halloween Costumes for Grownups 2016

Ok lets be honest, some of us just never grew out of our dressing up box did we.
One of my greatest observations about university life was that it embraced the excuse to dress up at every opportunity. Weather it be pub golf, theme nights at the SU bar or a mates birthday party, hoards of students hit the local charity shops each week to snap up the perfect piece to make their costume stand out from the rest. But alas those student days are behind me now and the only real opportunity that most of us have to get dressed up is at Halloween. But crikey, don't we make the most of it!
For many of us, myself included. Dressing up as a cat or witch has always just seemed a bit, well, lame. we're grownups now, we have all the resources and imagination in the world to make a truly amazing costume and you're seriously going to go to the party as a naughty nurse!?! Come on people we can do better than that! well at least these guys certainly can.....


Follow the link below for LOADS of costume options for wizards and muggles alike.

As a child I watched all the usual Disney classics. Only as an adult have I learnt to appreciate Studio Ghibli as a truly exceptional storytelling and visual masterpiece.

Like many I'm sure, I totally binged on Stranger Things over on Netflix. This costume....well its just epic.

Now this one looks like it may take a bit of work but boy, is it worth it!


Alien is a personal favourite childhood film of mine. Yea I know it's a bit weird but there ya go! I once made a Xenomorph costume for my little sister when she was about 7. We are that kind of family.


I may be biased but I think the 11th is the best incarnation of the modern Doctors.


Well you have to give him top marks for originality right?


If group costumes are your thing then I think this is just genius!

So, have you been inspired? Head over to our Facebook page and share a pic of what your going to be wearing this Halloween!


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