How To Make a Rustic Tealight Holder

There is something about the glow of candle light on chilly autumn evenings that make you feel that much cozier. Here is an incredibly simple DIY to make yourself a cinnamon wrapped tea light holder. These look fantastic on the mantelpiece in autumn or as part of a table arrangement for a wedding. They make fantastic gifts too!

You will need;

  1. Cinnamon sticks. You can get these from craft stores, online and at some health food stores.
  2. A jam jar. Try to find one that matches the length of the cinnamon sticks that you have available to you.
  3. Glue gun.
  4. Tea light.
Step 1
Measure the circumference of your jam jar and lay out your cinnamon sticks to make sure you have enough. Doing this will also make it easier to see which sticks fit best together.

 Step 2

Run a line of glue up the side of the jam jar and stick your first piece of cinnamon to it.

Continue this all the way round until you have covered the jar.

Step 3

Decorate your tea light holder however you like. Here I have wrapped it in some raffia  and added paper leaves. Learn how to make your own realistic paper leaves HERE.
why not add some holly and berries to make a Christmas themed jar? Or add some paper flowers to coordinate with a themed wedding?

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