Burlap Rose DIY

Hi there crafters!


Goodness me its been a long time since I did a DIY. It's been a busy summer here in Herefordshire. The hubby and I have moved house and I've started a new job, which I am loving but it has kept me from the craft room *sigh*. Well as they say better late than never.

Here's a nice easy project to ease us into the weekend, a super autumnal and totally adorable burlap flower. These take all of 5 minutes to make and can be incorporated into hundreds of crafting projects.


you will need;


  • A piece of burlap ribbon. This rose is about 6cm in diameter and was made using a piece of burlap 5cm x 30cm.
  • Needle and thread. Use a thread in a corresponding colour to the burlap.

Yep that is it...



Step 1.





Take one end of the burlap (1.) and fold the end in half long ways (2.). Fold over about 1cm (3.) and roll it over itself (4.)



Step 2.










 Fold the top of the burlap to the base of the piece in your hand (5.). This twisting motion will create the "petals" of the flower. Pop a couple of stitches in to hold it(6. + 7.).



Step 3.


Twist the burlap over itself again. Imagine your joining the 2 red dots together each time you twist.



Keep repeating this until you're left with about a 5cm piece of burlap left. Put in a stitch at the base every 2 or 3 twists to secure.



Step 4.


Use the last 5cm of burlap to cover the back and stitch it neatly to finish.


All done!

Add your new creations to broaches, bouquets or any number of crafty creations.



I love to hear about what you have been making. Please upload your crafty makes to our Facebook page Today, We Craft








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