What's in a name? Creating an awesome business name your customers want to buy from

When you are designing your logo you will not have the brand pushing power to be able to get away with using an abstract name. Don't even go there.


The 1 exception to this is if you don't know what you will be selling forever.


For example if you make box frames, pom-pom rugs and memory bears then there's no point calling your company "Box frames are us". This is because someone may look at you logo and think "oh I don't want a box frame, I'm looking for a pom-pom rug". And you may just have lost a sale.


Your business name wants to be future proof


Think about what you are selling and come up with a name that is all encompassing. Make it easy for your customers to know that when they see your logo they have come to the right place and that you can provide exactly what they are looking for.


Using your own name


This is very popular for designers. Cath Kidston, Laura Ashley and Emma Bridgewater have all created strong brands from their name. By using your own name you are demonstrating originality and integrity. You are effectively putting your name on the line which can make customers more comfortable as you are less likely to take their money and run.


This can be a curse too. If something goes wrong with the business (even things completely out of your control), that negative customer experience and subsequent reputation damage is directly attached to your name.


If you like the idea of using a name then why not use a pet name, maiden name or one that is made up all together.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)


Consider what your customers will be searching for when online.

If I were looking for a Cleaning company in Bath then I may Google "Cleaning companies in Bath". Therefore it would make sense to call your company "The Bath Cleaning Company". Its not a sexy name but it works.


Likewise if you only sell money box frames then it makes sense to have the words "box" and "frame" in your company name.

However if you sell lots of different things then It may be beneficial to use "gifts" or "homewares" instead.


Awesome Adjectives


I love adjectives. The turn the ordinary into something extraordinary.



Ordinary   ----->  Becomes  ------>    Extraordinary


The Cake Company --------> The Delicious Cake Company

Lucys Crochet Creations----->Lucys Adorable Crochet Creations

Cakes by Jane -----------> Beautiful Cakes by Jane

Handmade Stationary --------> Elegant Handmade Stationary


Adjectives invoke a feeling within the customer. Why should they settle for a cake when they can have a "delicious cake", why have a day out when you can have an "awesome day out"?


See what I mean?


What do you want your customers to know about you the moment they see your business name?

Do you want to be seen as high quality? Fast? Economical?

Project your businesses core values in your name and your potential customers will know instantly that you are the one that they want to do business with.






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