How to make Christmas Crackers

I had an epiphany the other day. I don't think I have ever purchased a Christmas cracker.

the combination of shop bought crackers being so naff and over priced, and home made ones being so easy means that I simply never had any need to purchase them.

The only time I was presented with them shop bought ones were at office Christmas parties. Tim from accounting never did look as funny in that fake moustache as he thought he did....

Growing up, my mum always made the crackers for our Christmas day celebrations. Each one was personalised with an age appropriate joke that the recipient would find amusing as well as a gift they the receiver would actually want. 

I hope that the fact that you are also here means that you have chosen to shun the poorly foil wrapped vessels of disappointment and opt for something far more unique instead. Good call.

You will need; (click on the link to be taken to the item on the Hobbycraft site)

Patterned paper

Cracker snaps

Double sided tape


Card toppers

 Firstly click this link to be taken to the free template download.

feel free to print this out onto patterned paper if you have it pre-cut to size.

Once you have printed out your template cut around the solid lines.

This can now be used again and again as your cracker template.

When using the template don't forget to mark where the "fold" lines finish. This will make sure you get them in the right places later.



Once you have drawn around your template onto your patterned paper, use a score board to create a crease along the fold lines. The one I use is the "the boxer" from Crafters companion. It's cheap and cheerful, I use it a lot for card and gift box making.

 Next you need some cracker snaps. Because what family celebration would be complete without some indoor pyrotechnics?

I picked these ones up from Hobbycraft, Link HERE.


Use narrow double sided tape along the flat edge (the one without the tabs sticking out). The closer to the edge you can get the tape, the neater your finished cracker will be.

Bend the cracker in your hand a little (you can also wrap it around a rolling pin too). This will help the cracker keep its shape later.


Remove the backing from the double sided tape and secure ensuring that the fold lines meet up. Start with the centre piece before doing the edges.


Now you can have fun with decorating! I used a mixture of card toppers and decorations from the Hobbycraft Pom Pa Rom Pom Pom collection

Check out the full collection HERE

I would love to so how you decorated your crackers! Upload your pictures onto our Facebook page to be in with a chance of winning MAKE OF THE MONTH.




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